5 Helpful Tips Towards a Safer Beach Vacation

5 Helpful Tips Towards a Safe Beach Vacation
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I love the beach. I think everyone says that, but I genuinely and wholeheartedly am in love with it. It brings calm and serenity and I am in a better headspace and mindset when I can veg out on the shoreline and watch the waves roll in.

COVID-19 has thrown a wrench into all of our lives and vacations look a little different right now. It might feel like they are more stress than they are worth and can you really relax right now?

Read along as I share 5 tips I learned while traveling during COVID-19 that will help you create a foolproof plan, relieve some of the planning stress, and ultimately have a fun travel experience.

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I vacationed this year in Outer Banks, North Carolina. This location is a family favorite and is only a few hours away from where I live in Virginia.

It’s beautiful and there is so much to do there (kayaking, paddle boarding, jet skiing, you name it)

It was surprisingly manageable to keep up safe social distancing while on vacation and keeping the group dynamics positive, fun, and enjoyable the whole week long.

5 ways to stay safe at the beach and still have fun

Go into it on the same page

Worried if everyone in your travel group is on the same page with practicing safe social distancing? Differing opinions may be small on paper, but in reality, they may mean more in the moment. Better to have a consistent and devised plan ahead of the trip and start the conversation early.

Try and travel with all your food for 1 week

Dry ice.

Dry ice is frozen solid carbon dioxide. We packed the coolers with dry ice at the bottom of the coolers and the food was frozen to the touch immediately after packing. The dry ice lasted about 24 hours and evaporated away. Minimal clean-up!

P.S. Handle dry ice with care as dry ice handled without protection can lead to frostbite. Do your due diligence and research before using dry ice.

Meal prep for the week

We opted out of dining in at restaurants and decided to cook all of our meals. Our travel group turned out to be divided evenly so each “team” reserved a night to cook dinner. This was an easy way to meal plan for the week and ensure everyone contributed and one person wasn’t left with the burden to cook every night.

We hit up Costco before the trip and grabbed all the meat and bulk items like deli meat, chicken, beverages, and snacks while utilizing dry ice to safely transport everything to the beach house at the perfect temperature.

Bring the fun to you

Social distancing at the beach doesn’t mean you are stuck in the house the whole week. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing to bring the fun!

  • Kayaking
  • Paddle boarding
  • Beach pong (Easy DIY – 12 five gallon buckets, tennis balls, and follow any classic beer pong rules you would like)
  • Bring your flashlights for twilight walks on the beach
  • Spikeball
  • Frisbee
  • Cards
  • Fly a kite
  • Visit a nearby national park

Hit the beach fully stocked

It’s always a little bit of a bummer when you get down to the beach after a long drive or walk and you realize you forgot XYZ. I also don’t enjoy dragging the whole house with me either and like to pack on the lighter side. That’s why the right beach gear can help you plan and pack effectively and save you a trip to the crowded local stores while on vacay.

Sharing a few of my tried and true favorites you can find on Amazon. I really enjoy the Tommy Bahama chairs and umbrella as the chairs have coolers in the bag compartments to store all your drinks for the day. The Optari Sol Tote croc look-a-like tote is easy to clean, lightweight, and can hold a towel, sunscreen, book, and snacks! Lastly, I bring my Altec Lansing waterproof speaker with me everywhere. It holds a charge all day at the beach, has a full and rounded out sound, and absolutely NO SAND has gotten into at all.

Did you enjoy my 5 easy tips for a safer beach vacation? Comment below with your travel plans for 2020. Are you planning a trip soon or have your plans changed since the start of the year?


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