5 Ways To Make Your Small Apartment Feel Bigger

5 Ways To Make Your Small Apartment Feel Bigger
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Do you live in what some may consider small digs and desperately need space? My space at the moment is “tiny home” small, and I am always trying to macgyver new ways to create added space. Talk about small! I have learned first hand how incorporating small changes to your abode can make a huge difference in feeling like you have additional room to breathe.

Read along as I share 5 ideas you can implement right now to make your small space feel bigger.

1. Try to live a minimalism-esque lifestyle

When I started to live on my own in my early twenties, I quickly realized I had outgrown most of my tchotchkes and trinkets from adolescence, and wanted to showcase a more grown-up feel in my design plans.

I did this by essentially de-cluttering my entire space and purging about 75% of my closet. It was very hard to follow through with it, and it was totally worth it.

Less stuff and clutter frees your mind, so try and live without a few material things and see if you like the added space.

2. Use dual-purpose furniture

This statement isn’t necessarily saying “go out and buy new dual-purpose furniture”. I asking you to think outside the box and explore new ways you can use your furniture for different purposes.

For example, your dining room table can also function as your desk, or, your coffee table has extra storage inside. Get creative and see how many ways you can re-purpose your space.

3. Use mirrors

Yes to this! Mirrors reflect light, so positioning mirrors in your space can help make your small space appear bright and large. Try placing your mirror opposite a natural light source, say a window, to optimize the natural light. One mirror in a room will suffice.

Here are a few mirror styles that would work great in a small space. This modern style mirror is frameless and sticks to your wall, this more rustic style mirror comes with added storage, and this beautiful round mirror comes in so many finishes it’s hard to choose.

4. Optimize your storage capabilities

Organization is key in keeping your home feel like you have all the room in the world. This statement also goes hand-in-hand with step number two and for good reason. Your small space is screaming for more storage and this is where having dual-purpose furniture comes into play. Can you use your “under-the-bed” space as storage? Does your closet need a refresh?

I am a huge fan of space-saving cubicle storage shelves like these here and storage boxes here, which come in many different size variations for the available space you have to use. Take the time to also label each storage solution (find an option here) so you know if you need to purge whatever you are storing, or have more room to grow.

5. Clean up your mess once you leave the room you were in

This takes seconds and really helps maintain clutter in your small space. Practice this and see how easy it is to start a pattern. I like to start with bringing dishes into the kitchen and immediately washing them or loading the dishwasher, no more dumping in the sink, and watching everything pile up until you get overwhelmed.

Did you learn something new or want to share your own space saving solutions? Tell me in the comments below! Be on the lookout for my next post in this series on small kitchen storage solutions and catch up on learning more about financial tips when living on your own.


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