8 Things I Stopped Purchasing In My Late-Twenties

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This blog post was a trip down memory lane, reminiscing on all the things I wasted my money on all those year ago 😂. Jokes aside, I kick myself sometimes wishing I saved more pennies instead. Sharing on the blog today eight things I stopped purchasing in my twenties, and what I wish I saved money on.

Clothes and Accessories

Trendy purses/bags

I went through a Coach and Michael Kors phase in the early oughts (like every other millennial women in her late teens/early twenties at the time), and racked up quite a collection. Dropping hundreds of dollars on accessories that I hardly rotated in and out of my closet felt wasteful to me, so I sold the majority of my collection many many years ago. I now only keep 1-3 timeless staple bags I wear year round that go with everything. I stand by my Rebecca Minkoff mini m.a.c and pink leather satchel that has lasted me 8 years! *links are not exact color match

Trendy clothing that I will not wear after the season

I shared in my budgeting tips for twenty somethings how I purged 75% of my closet and opted for adding in higher quality pieces. It took me a long time to appreciate that paying a little more for a staple piece of clothing saved me $$$ in the long run.

Heels that are uncomfortable

Never again will I wear a shoe that makes me want to take them off as soon as I put them on. Block heels have been my best friend, are super comfortable, and are a classic style. I re-purchase these Target sandals every year and love this style for the office.


High-end beauty products

I used to be a beauty snob and would scrimp and save dollars I didn’t have or dollars I could have saved purchasing beauty and hair care from that massive French beauty store we all know and love (hint, I’m talking about Sephora). Drugstore beauty has upped the anti in the last 10 years and I now use a mix of high and low beauty products in my makeup bag. Check out my fav drugstore beauty staples in my 2020 beauty roundup.

Adding to my makeup collection

Did I ever need 5 different eyeshadow palettes all in the neutral color range? No, no I did not. I now keep a strict no hoarding rule when it comes to makeup in my collection and I do not buy multiples of anything unless they are unique.

Dip nails

I go through phases when it comes to getting my nails professionally done at a Salon. I have kept up with tips, nail art, gel, and dip nails for the last 15 years. They all destroy my nail bed every time, and dip nails were the most painful after maintaining the upkeep for almost a year. Not to mention the $$$ spent every month. I opt for manicures at home with all the tools I need to get the same professional nail care.

Home Decor

Discount home decor

Don’t come for me, but I just don’t get that rush anymore from perusing Home Goods or Tuesday Morning on the hunt for that new tchotchke that will most definitely not match my style in my cramped apartment. This includes wall art with script font (you know what I am talking about…) or generally anything that looks like a college student would have in their dorm. Gen Z even has a new word for it now, “cheugy”.

I will happily still shop the home, kitchen, clothes, beauty, shoes, and linen isles though! Those I am still on good terms with.

Food + Experiences

Food is one of my love languages and I genuinely enjoy cooking, even better with friends and family! Going out to eat will always be a treat, but not my first pick anymore. I’ll stick with date night meals at home that are more filling than a crowded overpriced restaurant any day.


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