Amazon Gift Guide Wishlist

Amazon gift guide wishlist
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Sharing on the blog today my Amazon gift guide wishlist full of gifts I myself have in mind for family, friends, and a few treats for me in my stocking this year. Be sure to also check out my dedicated Amazon Kitchen Gift Guide included in this post too! This gift guide is a little different than most you have seen partly because I have bought and use many of these items regularly or I have in mind to purchase myself. I have included many dupes of the popular athleisure brand that starts with an L and a few quick beauty stocking stuffers perfect for the woman on the go.



Amazon gift guide wishlist

1. Time tracker // 2. Bluetooth eye mask // 3. Bose wireless headphones // 4. Candle usb lighter // 5. Percussion massager gun // 6. Star projector


Amazon gift guide wishlist

1. Green slippers // 2. White tank // 3. Forest green puffer jacket // 4. Flannel shacket // 5. Pink tank // 6. Black sports bra // 7. White long-sleeve bodysuit // 8. Black leggings // 9. Smile slippers



Amazon gift guide wishlist

1. Makeup eraser cloths // 2. Lip mask // 3. Boob tape // 4. Scalp massager

Stocking Stuffers

Amazon gift guide wishlist

1. TUL metallic pens // 2. Gold hair clip // 3. Monogrammed pill box // 4. Leopard throw blanket


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