How To Get an Easy and Affordable At-home Manicure

Easy and Affordable At-home Manicure
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I was mindlessly scrolling through TikTok avoiding sleep, hello revenge bedtime procrastination, when I stumbled upon a short clip of a women claiming accent nails are OUT. Um, when did we get the memo about this? Are you considered a grandma or cheugy to have your manicure with your ring finger a different color? Well that won’t stop me because I found my new go-to manicure system where I can change my nails anytime I want!

When I tell you this is the easiest and most effective at home nail manicure system, I truly mean it. My jaw dropped at the results the Kiss imPRESS Press-On Manicure provided. Sharing on the blog today my newly found, affordable at home manicure that looks just like you went to a salon.


I have been in and out of nail salons since I was at least 15 years old. I have had acrylic tips, dip powder nails, gel polish, and everything in between. I also go through long periods of not keeping up my manicures. I’m also a chronic nail biter when I am extremely anxious. My nails have been through a lot and for a period of time at least two years ago I had to completely stop going to nail salons because I ruined my nail bed from doing dip nails for one year.

I have been looking for an at-home manicure system that would give me quality results like I would get in a nail salon. Ever since the panorama, I have become pretty savvy about at-home beauty care and learning how to do things myself. I am completely blown away at the results from the Kiss imPRESS Press-On Manicure Nails in Dorothy and the Kiss PowerFlex False Nail Glue.

These nails are pretty customizable because you can clip and file them to your desired length and shape, and the overall look honestly mimics a gel manicure.


I cleaned my bare nails first with 100% acetone to get rid of any excess oils on my nails. I then scruffed up my bare nails with a buffing block to create a rough edge for the glue to adhere to. I pushed back my cuticles with the small wooden spool that comes with the kit. Try pushing back your cuticles in the shower if you have a rough time.

I really needed these nails to last over a week, so I tried theKiss PowerFlex False Nail Glue as well for extra hold. You need the smallest amount, even smaller than you think you need and your nails will not budge.

FYI – The nails are very long and square from the start. I applied the nails at night and waited 12+ hours to cut and file the nails to my desired length and shape. I wanted shorter nails with an almond shape.


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