Items I Bought at Erin Condren Warehouse Sale: August 2020

Erin Condren Warehouse Sale Review August 2020
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One of my favorite memories every start of September has always been sourcing school supplies for the year. I am talking clean, crisp white college-ruled notebooks, smooth colorful ink pens, and the pretty cases to hold them. Sometimes I would even try and ration everything so I could keep my stash in mint condition.

I tell you all this so you know my secret…I confess…I am a stationery addict. (jk this is all in good fun)

Read along as I share a few bits and bobs I snagged at this year’s Erin Condren Warehouse Sale.

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I take advantage of the Erin Condren Warehouse Sale that seems to role around at the same time every August to pick up a few stationery essentials I always seem to run out of.

Most loved items: The jumbo circle stickers and washi tape are used heavily around here and are a repurchase. They are a great mask for typos or ugly penmanship, and help erase any whitespace you have in your planner/notebook.

  • Jumbo Circle Sticker 3-Pack
  • Paper Tape Painted Petals

New to me item: I am manifesting a new job at the moment and am channeling the organization power of the nesting organizer tray set to get the job done. I sound crazy but I think these would be super cute sitting on my *hopefully soon* new desk.

  • Nesting Organizer Oval Tray Set – Kaleidoscope Colorful

Good to have when you need them items: I am constantly using a notebook or sticky post-it to got down a grocery list or hair-brained idea. I have a stock of these in my arsenal and the quality is top notch with ink no bleed through. Check out my blog post on all my favorite pens.

  • Special Edition Layers Colorful Quote Lined Notebook
  • Special Edition Layers Neutral Quote Lined Notebook
  • Woven Wonder Sticky Notepad

Are you as stationery obsessed as I am? Tell me in the comments below your favorite stationery to use! For more product reviews and favorites visit or @mandbeegram on Instagram.

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