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Stitch Fix Review
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If this blog isn’t a testament to how much I love clothes, I don’t think I’m doing it right :: insert crying laughing emoji :: I love trying on new styles and the excitement that comes with recognizing you feel and look amazing in something you didn’t think you would like at all. So it was no surprise I wanted to try the styling service Stitch Fix and see what the hype was all about. This review is in no way sponsored and all opinions are my own.


What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is a style subscription service where you fill out a buyer profile, and a personal stylist will pick out an outfit according to your preferred tastes. For a $20 styling fee, you can try new styles every month shipped to your door, or choose the frequency you receive Stitch Fix boxes.

If you like something that came in your Stitch Fix box, you can credit the $20 styling fee towards your purchase. If you like everything in your box, Stitch Fix also offers a discount on your entire purchase. My receipt mentioned 25% off if I purchased all items.

What’s Included?

First Stitch Fix Review + Try on
First Stitch Fix Review + Try on
First Stitch Fix Review + Try on
First Stitch Fix Review + Try on
First Stitch Fix Review + Try on
  • VERO MODA – Sadella Textured Crewneck Pullover – Size: XL | $54.00
  • BLANK NYC – Madison Crop High Rise Distressed Straight Eco – Size: 14 | $88.00
  • SKIES ARE BLUE – Saige Midi Skirt – Size: XL | $58.00
  • MIX BY 41 HAWTHORN – Parker Button Down Shirt – Size:XXL | $44.00
  • JILL MICHAEL – Elliot Pre-Layered Bar Necklace – Size: One Size Fits All | $28.00

I did receive a good mix of style options in my opinion and everything to a certain degree did go together. All pieces chosen for me were attractive and could see myself wearing them. They are not my exact style choice, but close enough.

First Impressions

Everything was shipped in a compact shipping box, wrapped in kraft paper, and perfectly folded with a prepaid return shipping label. I felt very appreciated and was impressed that the style picks were packaged with care. There was also a considerable amount of marketing material packaged with my order that went over the thought process behind what was chosen for me, how to style each piece, and instructions on how to send everything back or make a purchase.

My stylist picked neutral colors with a nice mix of tops and bottoms plus attractive jewelry. Stitch Fix encourages you to try on your stylist chosen pieces with items already in your closet. I paired the pieces with my staple white tops and Amazon headbands– so cute!

Ultimately every single thing in my Stitch Fix box was SUPER HUGE. I am a large/medium in shirts and 12/14 in bottoms usually and everything in my box was XL and XXL.

The Review

Very hard to cancel.

Like, to the point where I was searching 20x how to cancel my account because the directions were so unclear. Never received an email saying my account was deactivated either, and ultimately needed to contact customer service to resolve the issue.

I really wanted to like this service, but ultimately it is a no for me. I was swimming in everything and was a little disappointed in the size choices. Throw in some user error possibly with how I filled out my user profile, but I didn’t think it would equate to me receiving XL and XXL sizes, when I entered Large.

I did some research and the pieces chosen I could find on sites like Hautelook, Nordstrom Rack, and Marshalls/TJMaxx. Many of these sites offered lower prices than what Stitch Fix offered with the discount if you purchased every piece.

I ended up eating the $20 styling fee and did not purchase anything that the personal stylist picked for me.

This service would be great if you enjoy surprises and have an open mind to AI and an algorithm making choices for you. You can also shop directly from Stitch Fix if you don’t want to try out Stitch Fix subscription service.

FINAL THOUGHT. Overall I enjoyed trying it once and was more interested in the experience than buying new clothes.


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