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Goals on Goals on Goals Blog Post
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As a new decade reaches closer, growth is on my mind more and more. I want to try to live more purposefully as I enter into my last year of my twenties and say ‘Yes’ to things outside of my comfort zone! Welcome to my creative outlet M + Bee!

Read more for 5 goals that can carry you into the new year!

Top 5 Goals for the new year and new decade

1. Say ‘Yes’ more to things that scare me. Writing has never been my strong suit, but intentionally blogging and sharing what I like, or make creatively, may fuel a fire I never knew existed!

2. Get a handle on financial literacy and debt management. This year I was introduced to Dave Ramsey and the 7 baby steps, and will continue to work through baby step #2. Click here for more info on the baby steps.

3. Fueling my body with good food and good vibes. I will make time for recipe development that is healthier and equally tasty, and make time for rest when needed.

4. Move my body more! Sweat it all out and try new things at the gym. Take classes, go for a walk, do something!

5. Give myself a break and not take life too seriously! Release the tension from my shoulders and enjoy all of life’s blessings God has given me.

What are your goals for the new year and new decade? Let me know!




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