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Hello and welcome to my website M & Bee! I’m Megan, a Richmond, Virginia native and lifestyle blogger.

Follow along at my attempts of loosely following recipes, fun entertaining tips, affordable mid-size fashion finds, and worth the effort budget-friendly DIY ideas for your home and life.

M & Bee started as a creative outlet from my 9 to 5 full-time job as a digital marketer. I wanted the opportunity to design, create, and share inspiring and thoughtful messages that women like me would resonate with, and ultimately what I would want to read myself.

Developing and trying new-to-me recipes has become a meaningful hobby and all recipes featured on M & Bee are family and friend tested. I strive to deliver to my readers real life, and unfiltered food and lifestyle inspiration.

No secret here how the blog name might have started…did my name give it away? Multiple family generations have owned apiaries, so bees sort of run in the family (M + Bee)!

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Richmond , VA


December 2019

I use Lightroom to edit all photos. Lightroom is photo editing software with a free mobile version you can use too. I have a whole blog post here on Lightroom and how to download and use my three free presets to change up your Instagram feed. Check them out!

Canon Rebel T5 or Iphone 12 Pro

Jump all in! If you “hum and ha” for too long you can’t start today. I have a whole blog post on what I learned in my first year of blogging and a blog post on how to start a blog.