Inexpensive DIY Apartment Decor Ideas for Your First Apartment

Inexpensive DIY Decorating Ideas for Your First Apartment
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First, congratulations on your first apartment! It’s a major milestone and an exciting new adventure for you. I bet you are also chomping at the bit to decorate with your style and make it feel more like a home. Read along for inexpensive DIY apartment decor tips that can help you make your space your own and save you money.

Visit your local Goodwill

Goodwill always has hidden treasures and I would add that you should visit more than one. Different towns have different finds and you might be missing out! My favorite finds are usually different style picture frames. You can make a gallery wall of your personal photos and art.

As a treat, here are a few watercolor digital designs to start your gallery wall! Click the link here and download at no cost to you.

Note: These images below of the free wall art digital designs are a mock up and no frames are included in download. Download is a 8.5×11 inch digital PDF copy and print quality and color will differ depending on your printer.

Can’t find it? Build It!

If you are handy, or have handy friends and family, build out the furniture pieces or wall art you want. Check out how I built a DIY boot tray with river rocks and DIY cactus tapestry wall hanging. I grabbed the step-by-step from House of Jade Interiors and their DIY shower curtain art tutorial.

DIY Cactus Tapestry Wall Art
DIY Covered River Rock Boot Tray
DIY Covered River Rock Boot Tray

Visit your local craft store

Try your local custom frame store or craft store that has an in-house frame team. Look for scrap frames that didn’t make the cut, as these frames will usually have no glass inserts or picture hanging hooks attached. This is a great way to add character to your walls with 3D art and the styling possibilities are endless. I used command hooks to adhere the scrap frames to the wall.

Small wall art gallery featuring scrap frame with 3D art

Plants on plants on plants

Indoor plants add a great vibe to your space and there are so many inexpensive and low-maintenance choices out there.

  • Succulents are easy to maintain and require little water, some say water once a week. Require bright light.
  • Cacti are also easy to maintain and require little water, some say water once a week. Require bright light.
  • Snake plant requires indirect sunlight and water 2-8 weeks.
  • Pothos requires indirect sunlight and water when top 2 inches of soil is dry.

Have your own DIY apartment decor ideas for making your apartment feel more expensive? Tell me in the comments below!


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