My 2021 Word of the Year 1 year blogversary
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Who is ready for 2021? I am not one for setting big goals at the beginning of a new year and much prefer them bitesize, sprinkled throughout the seasons. They’re much more digestible that way and I feel like I am more likely to follow through with them. Anyone else set their intentions this way too?

Setting intentions to me looks like adopting a new forward way of thinking, or you could say a new perspective. I think of intentions as a pathway towards something you are growing towards or growing into, instead of hard and regimented “to do’s”. I truly want to live my life and not chase lofty goals that make me feel like crap if I don’t achieve them.

Choosing your word of the year

In starting the new year off with a mindset shift, I decided to choose a word that would encompass my intentions, help me stay on the path chosen for me, and help me bring focus, gratitude, and peace to my life. I completed a short word of the year quiz generator from Day Spring to see what word might resonate the most, and on the first quiz try, I was matched with overcome.

Word of the Year 2021

I haven’t shared much about my 2020 on the blog. It was filled with circumstances I was forced to face in uncertain times, and frankly, it took a hard toll on me. I lost my confidence, I lost my temper, I was scared, I was anxious, I was doom and gloom personified. Overcome is most certainly the perfect word I want to enter 2021 with.

Moving through 2021, I want to overcome

my fear that I am not enough.

my hesitance in using social media in fear I will jeopardize my privacy.

my falling confidence as a result of my layoff.

my heightened anxiety and feeling the weight of the world.

Click the link to use the quiz I used here. Let me know your word of the year in the comments below! If you could choose, what word would personify your intentions for 2021?


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  1. January 15, 2021 / 3:52 am

    Yes! I love setting a word of the year! I came into 2020 with the word Bloom and it was amazing how it manifested itself. I’m so excited for this year as “Align”. It sounds like you are going to rock 2021! I look forward to following along!

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