My Favorite Things: 2020

My Favorite Things: 2020
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I enjoyed creating style guides this year and envisioning what exactly I could wear that doesn’t involve dirty sweats and my stained No Doubt concert tee from 2007. Creating these roundup images almost feels like I am shopping without the existential dread of paying for it all.

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What I Was Watching

1. I took a trip down memory lane and started to stream Disney+, finding comfort in all of the Disney classics I enjoyed so much as a kid. I love every single thing on the streaming platform, so no list. Just block off your weekend and watch everything. You won’t regret it.

2. Netflix shows I binged:

In no particular order…and there are spoilers so beware!

  • Witcher – Fantasy series where a immortal “Witcher” (Henry Cavill) fights monsters and saves the day (This was probably my favorite series this year!)
  • The Queens Gambit – Young girl addicted to drugs becomes a Grandmaster at chess
  • Virgin River – Rom com series with the classic story of girl removing herself from her life at present and starting fresh in a small town and finding love with the scruffy hard to crack lumberjack
  • The Crown – Fictional series revolving around the Royal Family and past historic events intertwined
  • The Trial of the Chicago 7 – Legal drama set in late 1960s America centered around the 1968 Democratic National Convention Riots
  • Broadchurch – British mystery crime series taking place in Broadchurch, UK
  • Enola Holmes – Cute version of the Sherlock Holmes narrative revolving around his younger sister
  • Criminal UK – British mystery crime TV series where the characters never leave the police interrogation room
  • Young Wallander – Younger version of the popular mystery TV series Wallander
  • Selling Sunset – In my opinion a fake reality series revolving around selling fake houses in LA (this was a guilty pleasure)
  • Outer Banks – Mystery treasure hunting series where teenagers solve the whodunit’
  • Ugly Delicious – Celebrity chef documentary showcasing delicious food that values substance over vanity *best food show I have seen in a while
  • Locke & Key – Fantasy mystery series following a family and the secrets that haunt them
  • The Stranger – British mystery drama series where a stranger basically brings out everyone’s secrets for extortion and revenge
  • Bridgerton – Period Drama + Gossip Girl with a lot of hot sexayy scenes
  • Derry Girls – Set in 1990s Northern Ireland where a group of teens navigate civil unrest and puberty (I cackle laugh at this show, it is a treasure)
  • The Midnight Sky – Easy to follow space apocalyptic movie with George Clooney
  • Dash & Lily – Cute holiday rom com series

Do you see a theme here? I love British crime and mystery shows.

3. VPM Passport

PBS is my jam and my go to source for all British period dramas. My starting list for shows you should watch first are…

  • Victoria
  • Endeavour
  • Call the Midwife
  • Grantchester
  • Poldark
  • The Durrells in Corfu

*Basically all Masterpiece Mystery dramas…

Beauty Favorites

Self care ramped up to an all time high and I greatly enjoyed these beauty favorites for a pick-me-up.

All things beauty this year:

Most Loved Recipes

What I Was Listening To

2020 favorite things

Heather McMahon is a comedic gymnast and my favorite person to follow on Instagram EVER! She is a relatable friendly face and voice that I have truly enjoyed following over the years and someone that brought me immense joy when all I wanted to do was crawl in a hole.

Her podcast is another extension of the fun she has on Instagram Stories and can easily be found on all platforms podcasts are shared. I listen through my free Spotify account.

What I Started Creating

M&Bee Blog Author

I shared in this blog post here how I started my blogging journey at the end of 2019 and how I carried on through 2020. This blog has been a dream come true and I cannot wait to see what 2021 holds for me and this small side hustle.


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