My Top Amazon Purchases of 2021

2021 Amazon Purchases
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Another year, another Amazon favorites round up. Sharing on the blog today my top Amazon purchases of 2021. It’s a mixed bag and a little random, but that’s what I think of Amazon in a nutshell. Let’s get in to it!

2021 Amazon Purchases

1. bluetooth sleep mask // 2. toiletry bag // 3. fanny pack // 4. makeup eraser cloths // 5. camo sports bra // 6. colorful koala pants // 7. toner shampoo // 8. boob tape // 9. candle lighter // 10. personalized pill box // 11. sorel booties // 12. skylight projector

1. Bluetooth sleep mask // I picked up more travel for work this year and the bluetooth sleep mask was a lifesaver on overnights. I set Spotify to the 1 hour sleep timer and fall right to sleep to music coming from my sleep mask.

2. Toiletry bag // This pink toiletry bag fits absolutely everything I ever need and then some (think Mary Poppins). Easy to zip when i’ve overstuffed every compartment and easy to clean. With over 20,000 reviews you can see why it’s a winner.

3. Fanny pack // Nice bag for long walks and leisure hikes as it fits everything you need. Holds a 24 oz. water bottle, wallet, keys, snack, etc. and easy to clean. I wear over the shoulder, but stays put around waist if you prefer to wear it that way.

4. Makeup eraser cloths // Game changer in my nighttime skincare and the easiest way to take every ounce of makeup off, with just water! Wash my face with my Bioderma foaming gel and follow with the rest of my routine.

5. Camo sports bra & 6. Soft leggings // Crazy soft leggings that many reviews claim are a dupe for Lu Lu 🍋 (cannot speak to that exactly, but yes very soft). Sport bra is very supportive and like that the fabric below the bust makes it look like a cropped tank.

7. Toner shampoo // Takes out the brassy tones in my hair that a dream. Use 1x a month for a brighter blonde.

8. Boob tape // This product is a necessity at this point, it’s that good. I have not worn a strapless bra since and I am on my 3rd repurchase. I wore this tape throughout my Charleston, SC trip in the middle of the summer and did not budge.

USB charged lighter from recent Amazon favorites

9. Candle lighter // Rechargeable lighter that I never knew I needed. Charge lasts for a considerable amount of time and matches my rose gold marble side table it sits on.

10. Personalized pill box // TIBAL recommendation and she never misses. Looks very fancy with the monogram and adds a little sophistication to a pill bottle. Has held up very well rolling around in my purse with barely any scratches or wear.

11. Sorel booties // Saw these first on Cristin Cooper’s Instagram and fell in love. Waterproof fabric, easy to walk in heel height, and the color/style matches everything. My go-to winter boot by far.

12. Sky Light projector // An unnecessary purchase that has brought me so much joy in a not so pleasant year. It’s a projector that reflects the starry night sky on any wall surface. I usually use the projector at night as I wind down before bed and turn it off to preserve the light bulb.


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