Polo-style Fall Sweater Under $30

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Sharing on the blog today my new go-to $26 dollar everyday sweater perfect for cool weather and fall nights. I absolutely love this style of polo sweater and happy to see so many affordable options from major retailers popping up.

I originally fell in love with this style polo sweater on Evereve.com and patiently waited for a more affordable option that was at least similar to what I was looking for.

I was floored when I found almost the exact style I wanted and under $30 to boot! I snagged three of the Free Assembly v-neck polo sweaters from Walmart at $26 dollars a piece. I was able to buy three for the price of the higher-end option.

The quality of the sweater feels higher-end and is super soft. I have washed all three colors (black, camel, and white) multiple times separately and have not noticed any differences in fit or color. The three quarter inch sleeves show off any jewelry I am wearing on my wrists and the sleeves are easy to push up.

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