Reviewing My Favorite Hair Styling Tools

Favorite Hair Styling Tools
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My day can start bad one of two ways. The first being I forgot to put gas in my car the night before, and now I am late, and the second, I had a bad hair day. Without fail, if I feel like my hair looks like crap, my confidence immediately waivers. Sometimes it takes a while to shake it when you need a backup plan. You can’t always wear a baseball cap when your hair looks a mess (if only)! Sharing on the blog my favorite hair styling tools that make my hair look like a million bucks, and how I avoid bad hair days.

My hair type is thick, a little corse, and bleached. I need to pull out the big guns to get my hair anywhere near tamed, shiny, and easy to brush. I have used Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Heat & UV Protective Primer for 6 years now and I can ABSOLUTELY 100% confirm that this is why my hair resembles healthy after curling it so much.

I use a generous amount in my damp hair and brush through. Helps with tangles and acts as a heat protectant. For more of my hair care favorites check out my post on top 5 Drybar products worth trying and a few of my Sephora favorites for hair.

InStyler AIRLESS Blowout Revolving Styler

Starting with my favorite styling tool of all time, and I bought it because it had camo on it. I have followed Casey Holmes on youtube for probably the last 10 years and trust her completely. The limited edition camo print InStyler AIRLESS Blowout Revolving Styler was her collaboration with the brand and I was influenced to say the least (sorry, not available anymore).

Full disclosure, I bought this a few years ago because I needed a new straightener. It does NOT work as a straightener, FYI. I didn’t use it for three months and was pissed it wasn’t working for such things. I decided to try to use it again on a whim and curled my hair, and it was game over. I have found my holy grail curling wand!

This is the best tool for creating pretty bouncy waves, and my curls last for days. The rotating barrel is a little loud, but that is the only negative, and it’s only a minor inconvenience. Unfortunately, this style is no longer available, but I have linked the item in a different color.

NuMe Titanium Curling Wand

I have owned the NuMe Titan 3 interchangeable curling wand set for about 7 years now and it’s my most loved styling tool by far. The set comes with three titanium wands, 19mm, 25mm, and 32mm, and the base to use with all three. I use the 32mm barrel the most and honestly would repurchase this size only.

The size is perfect and makes it so easy to create and style summer beach-Victoria Secret waves. NuMe describes the key features as far-infrared heat (the hair follicle is heated fully), titanium barrel (durable materials that provide intense heat), and negative ion conditioning (maintains moisture and eliminated frizz by sealing the cuticle and boosting shine).

T3 Singlepass Luxe 1″ Straightener

The T3 Singlepass Luxe 1″ Straightener is the newest addition to my hair styling tool kit. It is marketed as a straightener, but I have used my straighteners as curling wands for years. When I had a chin-length lob (low-bob hairstyle), a straightener was the only thing I could use to curl my hair. There is a learning curve with this technique, so be aware. I describe it kind of like curling ribbon with scissors if that makes sense. I would not recommend this technique for long hair types expecting big, voluminous curls. Your curls will be tight and thin and will take a long time to complete if you have thick hair. I would recommend using a straightener to curl for shorter hairstyles. 

This is the second straightener I have ever owned, and my last CHI flat iron lasted me about 10 years, so I have high hopes for this T3! What drew me into the hype were the customer reviews and ceramic plate technology. I wanted a straightener that didn’t fry my hair but gave me fast, silky-straight, or wavy hair without the frizz. 


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