The Perfectly Neutral Nail Color: Essie Tuck It In My Tux Nail Polish Review

The Perfectly Neutral Nail Color: Essie Tuck It In My Tux Nail Polish Review
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Neutral colors will never go out of style and that mantra stays the same for me in all aspects of life. I gravitate towards these types of colors when decorating my home, my wardrobe, and makeup routine. I don’t think these colors are boring at all, and actually work in perfect harmony alone or with blending a neutral with random pops of color to really make a statement.

Read along as I share why my holy grail nail polish deserves this much attention!

Why is Essie’s Tuck It In My Tux so amazing might you ask? It’s universally flattering for one! The color I would describe it to be is an off white, creamy ivory. It screams wedding vibes and would be so beautiful for bridal and bridesmaids.

Also, since this color way is so neutral, it’s flattering every month of the year. In a roundabout way I am saying I wear this all year round. Ilt never clashes with what I am wearing and looks good with or without a tan.

What’s the 411?

If you are a girl on the go and cannot be bothered to wait for her nail polish to dry, this product is not for you.

Nail care is self care for me and I dedicate as much time as possible at night to paint my nails and let them completely dry before bed. It’s well known that white polishes often need multiple coats to achieve an opaque look, and this polish is no exception.

Here’s how I apply:

  • I push back my cuticles in the shower. Done this for years and have never needed a cuticle remover.
  • Apply Essie ridge filler as a base coat. This stuff is the color of your nail and I feel helps whatever color you use POP! Wait for nail to dry before moving on to next step.
  • Apply three coats of Essie Tuck It In My Tux. Wait until nail is dry enough to apply next coat. I wait about 5 mins in between.
  • Wait for nail to dry and apply Seche Vite fast dry top coat. Honestly after I apply this it feels like I have a gel manicure.

This whole process takes maybe 30 minutes and lasts for about a week.

Try Essie’s ridge filling base coat for a smooth application.

Have you tried Essie nail polishes before? If not, do you have a holy grail nail color you wear non-stop? I’d love to know! sometimes contains paid advertising and contextual affiliate links where a commission is received for sale of products linked in a post. If a post is sponsored, it is explicitly noted within the post. I partner with brands and products I am passionate about and appreciate your support in making the blog possible!


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