Tips for Working from Home In a Small Space

Tips for Working from Home In a Small Space
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Tips for Working from Home In a Small Space

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Here are my top tips and tricks if you find yourself working from home in a small space.

Are you in need of small home office inspiration?

I want to start off this blog post by saying I am incredibly fortunate and blessed that I am afforded a working from home gig.

My home office space at the moment just happens to be within 590 sq. ft., as this space includes my bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living room. I have learned very quickly what has worked for me and my mental health spending all day/everyday at home. Read along for tips I can provide for your productive work day living and working in under 600 sq. ft.

Don’t worry, I won’t recommend getting done up’ before the work day starts. I am sporting jammies and a greasy face. We are talking solely about productivity!

Round up: Top tips for working from home in a small space

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Tips for Working from Home In a Small Space

Set-up Your Work Space First

I need a designated work space that incorporated a level surface for my laptop (updated version of my laptop) and was void of distraction. That means no T.V., no bed, no couch.

With limited space for these parameters to be put into place, and NO space for a desk, I converted my dining room and table into my work space. When that gets too dull and uninspiring, I take my level surface to the balcony! Keeping these strict standards keeps my mind focused and in “work mode”.

Update April 2020: I wanted to add a few more bits I totally forgot about when sharing my home work space tips!

Background noise is incredibly useful as a concentration tool. I jump around with different Spotify playlists throughout the day, listening to Country, What’s Trending, and a new playlist I started to listen to that is steadily growing to be my favorite titled Instrumental Pop Covers – so good!

Tips for Working from Home In a Small Space
Tips for Working from Home In a Small Space

This circular accent folding table is old from Tuesday Morning, but you can find a similar circular accent table here and here.

To-Do Lists Are Your Friend

I am a planner at heart and I love, love, LOVE, creating to-do lists for the day. I actually create them in the afternoon for the next day, so the following morning is not spent on recreating my plan for the day and I can just go.

Find my freebie planner handout here that lets you plan out your top 3 tasks for the next day, helping you prioritize your main must-dos and can’t forget tasks! I am also a HUGE fan of this Erin Condren notepad, also listed below.

Tips for Working from Home In a Small Space

Make Your Bed!

Yes, this deserves it’s own highlight. Highly recommend making your bed as the first thing you do to start your day. In doing this, you have already checked off one thing on your list and accomplished something before you even brushed your teeth! This automatically generates a productive feeling and sense of accomplishment before your work day. I do this every day and have for years – It works!

Best Work from Home Productivity Tools – Pens, Planners, and more

Erin Condren Designer Colorful Dual – Tip Markers // These markers are hands down one of the best marker pens I have ever used! They do not bleed through paper whatsoever, and the colors are spot on to match their packaging.

I am a visual learner, and color coding and color blocking help me stay focused and on task when writing down my weekly to-do lists.

Erin Condren Designer Sticker Book – Classic Edition 4 (492 Stickers Total) // Who doesn’t love stickers? These help cover up typos or bad penmanship when writing, and help cover white space in your planner. Great deal when you look at the value per sticker (492 stickers come in this bundle)!

TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses Square Nerd Eyeglasses Frame Anti Blue Ray Computer Game Glasses // I own two pairs of the leopard style and wear them for work, when I drive at night, going out to eat…see the pattern here? They absolutely in my opinion block out the computer glare, and help minimize eye strain, that leads to my afternoon headaches. They frame my face pretty well and I receive compliments every time I wear them.

Erin Condren Designer Notepad – Oh! What a Week, Colorful Watercolor Weekly Planning Notepad with 25 Sheets Measures 6″ x 8.5″ // Blank stationery pages are my weakness. I just can’t wait to write with a colorful pen and crisp lines! I like block columns for my list making and this notepad makes it easy to compartmentalize tasks and sort them easily. Sometimes I even block out the days and use one sheet for an entire work day. Possibilities are endless!

Breakfast/Lunch Prep Ideas

Nothing to eat? Deciding breakfast or lunch might force you into choice overload and create an overwhelming sense of dread trying to find something to eat when you did not plan ahead.

To maximize my time, I do not spend that much energy on finding what to eat. Particularly because I plan this ahead or eat the same things every day. I eat the same Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches every morning, so I can get on with my day, and not fuss over breakfast. I also eat a quick brown rice – fully cooked chicken sausage – any veggies I can find lunch bowl, spending minimal time cooking lunch.

The rice can be cooked at the beginning of the week in large portions, and the sausage just needs to be heated up! Find my favorite work from home recipe video here and other easy recipes here.

Thank you for sticking around and viewing my top tips for working from home in a small space! Your space is what you make of it, and I hope my small home office tips bring inspiration to your space.

Would you like to see more work from home inspiration, and easy at-home meal prep ideas on the blog? Let me know!

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in March 2020 and has since been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.


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